Teenagers and young adults desire lasting and meaningful relationships. Through our various youth and young adult ministries we challenge them to grow in Christ, serve others, and form friendships centered around Jesus.


Every Friday night from 7-9pm youth ages 12-18 have are welcomed to an exciting hangout where they are challenged to create Godly relationships with other teens. After the main session students make their way to the community center to throw it down on the ball court, play indoor soccer, sample the snack shack, play board games or just have a chill conversation!


During the Summer,  young adults and youth–who have a relationship with Jesus Christ–have the opportunity to serve at Urban Hope. The will be trained in ministry and volunteer  at programs such as Daycamps, Streetwise, park programs, Camp Conquest and much more. This is a great experience for youth and young adults who have a desire to serve their community through serving Christ.

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Every year during summer, ROCK students travel to Momentum Youth Conference, a week long conference at a college campus where students hear from dynamic speakers, experience authentic worship and learn how to serve others and live ON MISSION for Jesus.


Young adults (18 and older) who have graduated High School can hang around after ROCK for Chapter 29, an accountability group for people who want to grow and pray  together to sharpen each other in their faith. The name “Chapter 29” is taken from the fact that there are only 28 chapters in Acts and Christ followers have the responsibility to continue the work that was started in Biblical times.

Interested in serving in youth ministry? We would like to know!