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There are options for work teams or weekend to week-long ministry teams.  Some of the ministry and training opportunities you may experience while at Urban Hope include…


  • Homeless ministry under the EL (Elevated Train): Your group will package up brown bag meals and deliver them to a large homeless community that lives under a bridge of the EL. We help guide and encourage groups to spend time talking to the people there to learn their story and offer to pray for them. You also have the option of bringing with you additional supplies to pass out like socks, gloves, hats or toiletry items.
  • Reading Terminal Market Scavenger Hunt: We will take you to the Reading Terminal Market which is a large indoor market with foods from all over the world. It’s a great place to meet people and start conversations while practicing introducing “God Talk” into your conversations. We have a fun little scavenger hunt we will give you to use as a starting place and ice breaker to those conversations.
  • Conversations on the EL: We will give your team tokens and have you ride the train down to the main 30th Street Station (think Grand Central Station) where all the trains and buses in the city come. Similar to Reading Market, we have scavenger hunt of things and people to be looking for and encourage conversations. Riding a train is part of the urban experience as it can be the main mode of transportation for most residents.  We encourage our groups to mingle with the other passengers and sit by someone new. We provide a pack of gum to each person so they can offer their seatmate a piece and hopefully break the ice and encourage conversation.
  • Work projects/Neighborhood projects: We always have continuing projects at Urban Hope that could use assistance like painting, cleaning, electrical, plumbing, or carpentry work, organizing clothing donations or passing out information on upcoming church events. Occasionally there will be known needs from those in our community that groups could assist with.
  • Mifflin Park/Cambodian Neighborhood: Mifflin Park is large park in the heart of an Asian community, particularly Cambodian community. In warm weather we send groups down with sidewalk chalk, jump ropes, and basketballs to spend time with the many children who are there on a regular basis.
  • During the week we partner with some other ministries: Whosoever Gospel Mission is a residential homeless shelter where groups can help prepare and serve food to the residents and also dine with them. We also help in their free clothing store. Sunday Breakfast is similar but is a temporary homeless shelter. ROCK ministries is an after school program and boxing ministry.
  • The HopeMobile: We are very excited about our newly converted box truck we have named The HopeMobile. With The HopeMobile we can take church to the streets. The truck will be used for kids’ programs, homeless ministries, and so much more.

Los Angeles

  • Homeless Ministry on Skid Row in LA: We partner with the Fred Jordan Mission and the Union Rescue Mission to provide your group opportunities to interact with the homeless. Opportunities include serving meals to the homeless in the missions, handing out water bottles and snacks to the homeless on the streets, participating in their chapel service, and starting conversations with the homeless. Your group can also spend the night on the roof of the mission or inside in their bunk rooms for an overnight experience on skid row.
  • KidzJam with the Dream Center: We will take your group to the Dream Center in L.A. and partner together with their KidzJam program. Your group will help run an outdoor kid’s program in a low income government housing project. You will assist with playing games with the kids and help with the Bible lesson as well as opportunities to share your faith with the kids.
  • Boyle Heights/East LA Neighborhood Ministry: Boyle Heights is a large Hispanic/Latino community situated just east of downtown Los Angeles and has about 100,000 residents within a six mile radius. We provide opportunities for local park ministry including kids programs, cooking hot meals for people in the park & under the bridge, and going into many of the homeless encampments and sharing the Hope of Jesus with them.
  • Cultural Experience: Jesus calls us to go into all the world and teach the gospel to all the nations. Because of this we also provide opportunities for groups to experience other cultures in order to gain a heart for the lost and for those who may be different from us. Your group would receive a cultural orientation on a certain people group and then have the opportunity to interact and start conversations with them.
  • Scavenger Hunt @ Downtown Disney or 2nd Street in Long Beach: We will take you to Downtown Disney or 2nd Street in Long Beach where many people gather together to shop and eat. This creates a great place to meet people and practice starting conversations while using “God Talk”. We have a scavenger hunt we will give you to use as an ice breaker to help start conversations.
  • Other Ministry Opportunities: We also provide opportunities to partner with the Saddleback Food Pantry and other local church ministries. You can be involved in Ministry on the beach in Seal Beach or Huntington Beach as well as packing bags of food and handing them out to the homeless in areas such as Hollywood, Santa Monica, Norwalk and other L.A. areas.

Fill out the form below if you’d like more information on serving at Urban Hope. (If you are seeking a full-time staff position, please fill out and submit this Application.)

Individuals can live at Urban Hope for a summer to be trained in cross-cultural, urban ministry. Join our staff and community to form lasting relationships with neighbors, be challenged in your faith and grow your heart for the overlooked in the city. Apply for an internship.

If you desire a more immersive urban ministry experience, join the Studies in Urban Ministry program (SUM). You will have the opportunity to live in Philadelphia for 4.5 months and travel to other northeast cities to train in urban ministry.

Fill out this form or contact Carly at to start your ministry experience at one of our Urban Hope Training Centers.


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