Strategies and Values for the Inner City

We are always looking to connect with people in the neighborhood to be Reaching out with the love of Christ. Often times this is done by  the outreach programs of Urban Hope Community Church or by the work of visiting ministry teams. Teaching is the next step, primarily through Sunday Celebration Services. This is the time where people are encouraged to take their first step in learning about Christianity. Sunday mornings are designed to be motivational to include spiritual challenges, testimonies, open mic prayer & praise sharing, and opportunities to follow Christ.

The next step of teaching after Sunday morning service would be the Family Group. This is a small group setting with prayer, praise, accountability, and relational Bible teaching based on discussion of the Sunday morning sermon. Each person is challenged to walk with God and complete projects during the week.  Through Family Groups and various servant leadership opportunities we begin Coaching believers to further grow in their journey of faith.

Developing workers is our goal for those believers who want to go deeper with the Lord. Leadership is not given based on popularity, but given to people who are truly serving the Lord. If they are sharing their faith, if they are living consistent Christian lives, and if they are making an impact in others they will “rise to the top” and be chosen as leaders of the ministry. Servant Leaders will be given strong leadership opportunities to oversee different aspects of evangelism and discipleship. The goal is to develop a team with a plurality of leaders.

Urban Hope’s core values…

  • Living in the “neighborhood” to intentionally build relationships with people.
  • Offering many opportunities to assist believers in reaching our community for Christ.
  • Focusing on the spiritual process of individuals more than “programs”.
  • Allowing people to be on a spiritual journey in evangelism and discipleship and loving and guiding them in the process.
  • Being known as a casual, loving, and accepting church for anyone.
  • Valuing the Bible as the ultimate authority for daily living.
  • Seeing fervent prayer as necessary to rescue people caught in Satan’s grip.
  • Developing and training indigenous believers from within the neighborhood to lead the ministries because the best leadership for changing our community comes from within the community.
  • Developing a ministry model that has a transferable strategy which will be used in other locations.
  • Giving practical ministry skills to believers so they are equipped to impact others within their sphere of influence.
  • Prioritizing ministries to future generations will always be our focus.


Urban Hope Strategy

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