For now Rob Rojas is leading a Bible study for the community on Sunday nights at the Balmer Building at 6:30 pm. It is for Bible study, prayer, and accountability.  We hope to use that group to build a core of believers who will help in the establishment of a new ministry in the Kensington neighborhood. Be in prayer for the community since the pandemic has hit the community hard and now the riots have been hard on the people as well.

Urban Hope Training Center ministry is focused on equipping believers from other areas not to live in a silo and gain training and experience to love and connect with people from other cultures with care and concerns.

The church ministry is a separate ministry that is encouraged by Urban Hope Training Center but is not connected other than in care and love. The church is a place for new or not yet believers to find a place to learn of Jesus and grow spiritually in their faith. The Training Center often gives gifts to help the local ministry when possible. Since the church is an outgrowth of the community, we believe the leaders of the local ministry should be as well. The desire of the local church is to develop a new church ministry that is biblically based and culturally relevant. Developing a growing group of believers from the community is the next phase to the rebirth of the church. The temporary name of the gathering is the Fellowship Bible Study until a core is unified. The church wants to connect with people who are new to the faith and need structure, authority and basic Bible training. The church also wants to equip these believers to reach out to the young and to the overlooked or homeless in the area. The marginalized are people with potential who need basic, spiritual training to overcome their broken spirits, inadequate educational and financial training, and the need for godly character qualities.

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