Life Changing – Grace College Women’s Basketball Team Visits Urban Hope Philadelphia

Coached by Dan Davis, the Grace College women’s basketball team visited Urban Hope Philadelphia, July 27-August 3. Grace College is an evangelical Christian community of higher education located in Winona Lake, Indiana.

Brooke Sugg is a member of the basketball team and here are her thoughts on the trip.

“This experience, for me, with Urban Hope was life changing. Prior to this trip, I had so much fear and worry inside me that it clouded my vision to how big and great our God is. Coming to Philadelphia, God put me way outside my comfort zone leaving me no other option but to completely and whole heartedly rely on Him.

“God showed me how the people of Philly are so confident that God will be faithful and answer their prayers, whatever is it. It was so inspiring to see the power of prayer. I also learned that God isn’t afraid of any kind of darkness and will slay any giant that goes before me.

“I went into this trip looking to help other people find Jesus in some type of way. It turned out that these people of North Philly helped God find me on a deeper level I didn’t know existed. For this, I will forever be grateful for the people I met and who changed my life this week. Urban Hope will always hold a special place in my heart.”