Inno Shred vs Inno Shred Focus – Which One Gives Us More Hope?

Inno Shred vs Inno Shred Focus

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[Inno Shred vs Inno Shred Focus Summary]

Inno Shred and Inno Shred Focus are dietary supplements focused on fat-burning. The only difference between the two is that Inno Shred Focus is supposed to help increase your mental focus and overall performance while promoting fat loss at the same time.

From what we’ve seen, we’re quite disappointed with both of the products. They lack core ingredients for weight loss, and Inno Shred Focus uses proprietary blends, leaving you with no clue about dosages of important nutrients for brain health as well as weight loss. There are also some underdosed ingredients inside, so they won’t be as potent.

We’d definitely pass on these two. There are far better fat burners on the market that use clean formulas, with only proper ingredients in optimal doses.

Inno Shred vs Inno Shred Focus – The Overview

Inno Shred

Inno Shred is a dietary supplement focused on burning fat by promoting the thermogenic process. It is also claimed to reduce food cravings and increase metabolism, which means you should automatically burn more calories. The product is made by the manufacturer Innosups based in Las Vegas.

The product costs $40.00 for 30 servings, but is it any good? We’ll find out soon.

Inno Shred Focus

Similar to Inno Shred, Inno Shred Focus is supposed to help you burn fat while benefiting the brain at the same time. According to the manufacturer, Inno Shred Focus should help improve your focus and attention and reduce food cravings.

Let’s see if it is actually any good.

Inno Shred vs Inno Shred Focus – The Ingredients

Inno Shred or Inno Shred Focus? Which of the two has a better formula?

Overall, if we had to pick one, we’d go for Inno Shred, simply because it has a much cleaner ingredient formula. With Inno Shred, you can see the exact dosage of each particular ingredient.

With Inno Shred Focus, that’s not the case. There are pointless proprietary blends inside which prevent you from knowing the exact ingredient doses. Therefore, you won’t know how effective and safe the ingredients are going to be.

Another issue is that the whole blend for brain health (Intensity and Focus Matrix) is at only 76.1mg, which is an extremely low dosage.

That means that L-Theanine, which helps reduce stress and anxiety, and Alpha GPC for better mental performance are at a very low dosage, so they won’t be as potent.

All in all, both products have some issues. Inno Shred lacks some core ingredients for fat burning such as cayenne pepper extract and glucomannan, while Inno Shred Focus uses bullshit proprietary blends and has low ingredient doses.

Both Inno Shred and Inno Shred Focus are similar when it comes to fat-burning. They could help you to a little degree if used consistently in the long run, but nothing drastic. We recommend taking a look at other supplements on the market if you want substantial results.

Inno Shred vs Inno Shred Focus – Side Effects

We consider Inno Shred safer than Inno Shred Focus since there are no proprietary blends within it. As always, consult your doctor if you’re not sure whether these supplements are the right choice for you or not.

Cost & Where To Buy?

Inno Shred and Inno Shred Focus are currently available on the official website. Inno Shred costs $40.00 for 30 servings, while Inno Shred Focus can be purchased for $44.00 for the same number of servings.

Our Verdict

As previously mentioned, both Inno Shred and Inno Shred Focus have some major issues in their formulas. They lack core ingredients for fat loss & brain health, and Inno Shred Focus uses proprietary blends and some underdosed nutrients. Because of that, we can recommend either of the two, neither for dropping pounds nor for brain health. There are a lot better alternatives available.

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