• Urban Hope Other is used to meet ministry expenses and the needs of the community. Urban Hope other is separate from “project” monies and “staff members” who have developed ministry partners who help with their finances.
    If you choose, "Weekly" or "Monthly", your credit or debit card will be charged automatically until you contact CE National at cenational@cenational.org or call 574.267.6622.
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If you’d like to give a specific item to help the ministry of Urban Hope Los Angeles, go to the Amazon Urban Hope gift registry.
SUPPORT A STAFF MEMBER (Ministry Partner Development)

Ed Lewis serves as president emeritus of CE National and also helps to lead Urban Hope Training Center Philadelphia. Urban Hope is shepherded by CE National. Click Ed Lewis below to help with his support.

Tim Lansing is director of Urban Hope Los Angeles.

Selecting a staff member’s name will take you to their personal support page.

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