Day of Hope: A Mission Trip in Your Own Hometown

Who Can Sign Up?
A lead contact person from each church or organization will need to register their group for the event here.

Is there a Charge for the Day of Hope?
No, this event is FREE, however you must register your group on the Day of Hope Website prior to the event in order to gain access to the online training.

What time zone is the event taking place in?
There will be two separate events for the The Day of Hope. One will be 9am (Eastern Daylight Time) and the other will be at 9am (Pacific Daylight Time).

Where will Day of Hope take place?
Each group is encouraged to gather together in a space that allows for social distancing and has the ability to connect to WIFI so that the training can be shown to the group on a large TV or screen. This could be on a church campus or for smaller groups, this could be at someone’s home.

Will I need to provide my own transportation for the ministry experience portion?
Yes, each youth group will need to have transportation available to send the group out for the ministry experience part of the day.

How will we connect to the Training Session?
Once you are registered online, a zoom link will be sent to the lead contact prior to the Day of Hope event.

Who do I contact for more information?
You can email to gather more information and get in contact with one of our training center directors.

Will we have to travel to an Urban Hope location for the Day of Hope?
No, we are bringing the one-day, Day of Hope experience to you and it will take place on your own church campus and in your own community.

Is there a minimum group size?
No, you can bring as many or as few as you would like.

Does every person coming to the Day of Hope need to register?
No. Only one lead contact person from each church or organization needs to register on behalf of their entire group.

What if it rains in my community on the Day of Hope?
The REAL training portion of the day will continue rain or shine. If the weather report shows rain in your community on the Day of Hope, prior to the event contact one of the Urban Hope Directors who will talk through alternative ministry opportunities for you in your community.

What will the ministry experience look like in my community?
We recognize that each city and community is different and unique. So once you are registered you will be contacted by one of our Urban Hope Directors to discuss possible ministry options for your specific community.

How do we handle lunch on the Day of Hope?
There are a couple options:

  1. Ask each person coming from your group to bring a sack lunch.
  2. Your church or organization can provide sack lunches for each person attending, if you so choose.
  3. If there will be a fast food restaurant near your ministry experience location, you may ask each person in your group to bring lunch money with them.

Is it only for students/teenagers?
No. While we encourage youth groups and students to come and participate, the Day of Hope is open for all age groups. We encourage youth groups, small groups, mission groups, school groups, elder teams, etc to attend Day of Hope.

Is there a deadline to register?
In order to maximize our partnership with your group, we highly recommend that groups sign up by September 19th so each group will have time to promote and plan for the Day of Hope in their community. However, we will accept new registrations all the way until the week leading up to the event.

How is the Day of Hope different from coming to an Urban Hope Training Center?
The main differences are:

  1. Day of Hope is done in your own community.
  2. The training will be new from what you have experienced in the past if you have been to an Urban Hope Center.
  3. It is just a one day ministry experience compared to a weekend or week-long ministry experience at Urban Hope.

What resources will the lead contact need to provide for the Day of Hope?
You will need to provide:

  1. a space for your group to meet for training, including the ability to connect with zoom and a way to project the training on a screen/TV for your group to see.
  2. transportation to and from the ministry experience site.
  3. depending on what ministry experience your group does there may be some supplies you would need to provide.

What happens after the Day of Hope is over?
After the Day of Hope our main goal is ongoing partnership with you and your ministry. We will continue to partner and resource you as much as you would like through 1-on-1 calls, videos, and prayer. We see our ministry as a partnership that will continue to grow with you and your ministry as God directs you.


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