We believe children are the most important way to reach families with the Hope of Jesus Christ. At Urban Hope, children ages 0-12 have the opportunity to participate in energetic worship experiences tailored especially for them! From superheroes to kingdoms to camps let us share the truth of Jesus with your child!

Since 1998, Kingdom Kids has been our biggest outreach to children in our neighborhood. Hover over the images for more information!

Sunday afternoons from 3-5pm kids ages 5-12 enjoy a high energy program crafted to help them understand the basics of the Bible! We travel around our neighborhood and pick up kids by bus or walking. Children are dropped off at your house as well.


Daycamps start when Summer starts! We have 2 full weeks of camp from Monday to Friday. We have camp for our West Side kids from 1030am -1230pm and a 230-430pm camp for our East Side crowd. Pick up and drop off works the same way as Kingdom Kids Sundays!


While parents experience our 1115am Sunday Celebration Service, children ages 0-11 have a chance to experience worship at their own age level. Babies (0-2) crawl into the SuperBabies, toddlers (3-4) step into the SuperBunch and the older kids (5-11) experience the Supersquads.

Every year 72 kids are challenged to grow in their faith and experience the great outdoors as Kingdom Kids travels to Camp Conquest for a week in August.

Salt & Light is a performance based, discipleship group for selected children ages 7-12 who want to share Christs love with others. The group meets on Thursday evenings during the school year. While the children practice moms create costumes and props and form lasting relationships.

Are you a community member that has a passion to serve in kids ministry at Urban Hope? Let us know!